#ROOTD: National Horse Fair

I went to the National Horse Fair in Golegã. It was a rainy and super cold day but I chose the right #ROOTD and I was able to walk around the fair without feeling cold!

Gali’s Celicerca Rubber Bedding

Gali had his second colic surgery and one of the problems I had to solve was the fact that he eats his bedding so I started looking for rubber stall mats and I ended up choosing Celicerca’s solution…

Equestrian Trend x Khasper: The Polo Shirt

Are you ready to hear the news?! Okay, here I go…I’ve created the official Equestrian Trend polo shirt and everyone can have it!!

Gali’s 2nd Colic Surgery

Gali had colic surgery again, after a long time of not knowing what was going on…

Dry Shampoo for Horses

I bought Ravene’s dry shampoo last year and I still haven’t finished the first bottle. It looks small but it lasts forever!

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Gali’s New Diet

During the first days, Gali’s diet was confusing but thanks to the vet who’s following him, Horse Remedy and Chia de Gracia’s teams, everything got easier!

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Gali Update

Gali Update Ahhhh, I'm finally laying on the couch after two weeks of exams. It feels so nice to have time again! The first few days after Gali came back were hard for me. I was trying to combine productive study days with waking up...

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Gali Had Colic Surgery…

Gali Had Colic Surgery... Yep...that's right. One of my biggest fears became true two weeks ago. On the second day of our last show of 2018 Gali was not feeling okay and it ended up being a colic that required surgery. I honestly...

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#ROOTD: Pretty in Pink

Hey everyone, how's your week going?? Mine is going well but it's being a bit overwhelming because we're in the last two weeks of classes before Christmas break. My list of things to do only keeps getting bigger and bigger, please send help! 😬I've been dying to show...

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#ROOTD: HorseGloss

Hi everyone!! I am living for this #ROOTD! You know that a few months ago I discovered my favorite thing to wear on weekends is a good pair of riding leggings so you must imagine how happy I feel for having a new pair in my collection. And to be super honest, I'm even...

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