Showing After Colic Surgery

Showing After Colic Surgery Hey, everyone! Gali and I are back in the show ring after six months of not competing because of...

Rambo Sport Cooler by Horseware

Equestrian Trend is back after a giant redesigning operation! I’m going start by writing about something I have been using a lot: the Rambo Sport Cooler by Horseware Ireland.

[#ROOTD] Summer is Coming

Today’s #ROOTD post is about my sweet Kingsland again as I’m still trying the items they sent me from their Summer collection.

Super Blue by Smart Grooming

I was contacted by Smart Grooming and they asked if I would like to try something so I took a quick visit to their website and this product caught my eye.

Riders Are Athletes | Kingsland Summer ’19

This collection is probably one of the sportiest they’ve ever done and the outfit I’m wearing was definitely created for athletes.

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#ROOTD: HorseGloss

Hi everyone!! I am living for this #ROOTD! You know that a few months ago I discovered my favorite thing to wear on weekends is a good pair of riding leggings so you must imagine how happy I feel for having a new pair in my collection. And to be super honest, I'm even...

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Connected Helmet by GPA

Hi, everyone! Today I bring you news about the latest product from GPA. I am talking about the new connected (yes, CONNECTED) helmet they just previewed at Equita’Lyon – how crazy is this?!There aren’t many photos of this helmet yet but I can already tell you some of...

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[Recipe] Easy & Delicious Horse Cookies

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing with you the recipe of the horse cookies I made Gali last week! I never tried doing horse cookies before because I'm always very concerned with Gali's diet so I was afraid of giving him something that could make him feel bad.However, I...

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#ROOTD: My Kingsland Takeover

Hi everyone, happy Saturday!! One week ago, by this time, I was wearing this #ROOTD and making Insta Stories on Kingsland's Instagram account. That was one of the best experiences I've ever had - I met many people, shared my day with a huge audience and even got to...

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Online Tack Stores I Love

Hey, everyone!! Last week I received my order from Epplejeck and a friend asked me if I could share my favorite tack stores here on the blog. I thought it was such a good idea that I've been thinking about it the entire week!I've selected five stores, with four of...

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Equi-Spa: Grapefruit Coat Refresh

Hey everyone!! I'm back to show you another fab product from Equi-Spa, I've been using them like crazy and I'm honestly so amazed by their quality! My last post was about the "Fairy Tails" conditioner - ps.: I've added a photo of Gali's tail after using it to my...

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Equi-Spa: Fairy Tails Review

Helloooo everyone, happy Tuesday!! How is your week going?! Yesterday I went to the barn after school to organize all my tack after this weekend's show and to lunge Gali! While I was doing my usual grooming routine with Gali, I realised that I still hadn't shown you a...

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[#ROOTD] Straight from America!

Hi everyone! Have you seen my tack haul from NYC? If you saw it, I'm sure you know that my top is from Dover and my breeches are from Manhattan Saddlery! Although I showed you what I bought, I  still wanted to show you how these look paired together - this has...

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On my way to NYC…

Hi everyone! I'm one day away from traveling to the US - New York to be specific - for the first time and I couldn't be more excited to visit the city that never sleeps! The city has countless attractions but for a horse crazy girl like me, it is obvious that I'm...

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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your First Horse

Hi everyone! Buying your first horse is a really exciting time for you and your family but it’s important not to get carried away and end up buying on impulse, only to regret it a few months down the line. A horse is a costly investment and it’s not just the initial...

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Ego7 Orion Boots Review

Hi, there!! 😋 As a promise is a promise, I'm here to finally share my thoughts on my Ego7 tall boots. I used my previous boots for longer than 6 years before making the decision of buying these at Salon du Cheval last December. After about 7 months, I am ready to...

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