See ya, 2019…Hi, new decade!

Looking back into 2019, I could easily say it was a year to forget. However, we also lived some of our best moments together!

#ROOTD: Winter Outfit 101

Things are pretty much the same as I’m still just hand-walking Gali. However, today we started clipping him because next week I should start lunging him.

#ROOTD: Gali’s Recovery

Almost two months have passed by since Gali’s second colic surgery and even though I’ve not ridden a horse since September, I still wear riding clothes…

Best Black Friday Deals for Equestrians

As equestrians, we sure love great deals that make us save a few $$$…So I bet we’re all thinking the same right now: where are the best Black Friday deals?

#ROOTD: National Horse Fair

I went to the National Horse Fair in Golegã. It was a rainy and super cold day but I chose the right #ROOTD and I was able to walk around the fair without feeling cold!

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Showing After Colic Surgery

Showing After Colic Surgery Hey, everyone! Gali and I are back in the show ring after six months of not competing because of his colic surgery. I am so proud of my boy for being such a fighter and for his (more than) amazing comeback.When I started...

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Gali’s New Diet

During the first days, Gali’s diet was confusing but thanks to the vet who’s following him, Horse Remedy and Chia de Gracia’s teams, everything got easier!

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