My Equestrian Life

When I wake up early in the morning to go to the stables I never really know what my day there will look like. The only thing I usually know is that I like to go as early as possible because I always end up being there for much longer than what I need.

#ROOTD: Quarantine Routine

We are living strange times as horse owners. Here is my equestrian routine during the lockdown – spoiler alert: it has been wild!

#ROOTD: Lucky Green Kingsland Set

#ROOTD: Lucky Green Kingsland Set Hi, everyone! I hope you're all doing well and safe at home! Today's...

COVID-19 Prevention for Equestrians

Are you scared about the COVID-19 outbreak? As a horse owner, I’m very concerned about not being able to feed my horse or exercise him. Let’s be cautious!

wehorse – Online Riding Academy

I’ve always wanted to test this type of service but the covered topics didn’t seem relevant enough to me or, in other cases, the plans were too expensive for my budget. However, at wehorse I was able to find the perfect balance I was looking for.

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#ROOTD: Summer Isn’t Over

I’m still in Tilburg where it doesn’t feel like Summer anymore (to me, obviously) but the temperatures in Portugal are incredibly high right now so sharing this Kingsland Summer outfit still makes sense!

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Showing After Colic Surgery

Showing After Colic Surgery Hey, everyone! Gali and I are back in the show ring after six months of not competing because of his colic surgery. I am so proud of my boy for being such a fighter and for his (more than) amazing comeback.When I started...

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