#ROOTD: Gali’s Recovery

Almost two months have passed by since Gali’s second colic surgery and even though I’ve not ridden a horse since September, I still wear riding clothes…

Best Black Friday Deals for Equestrians

As equestrians, we sure love great deals that make us save a few $$$…So I bet we’re all thinking the same right now: where are the best Black Friday deals?

#ROOTD: National Horse Fair

I went to the National Horse Fair in Golegã. It was a rainy and super cold day but I chose the right #ROOTD and I was able to walk around the fair without feeling cold!

Gali’s Celicerca Rubber Bedding

Gali had his second colic surgery and one of the problems I had to solve was the fact that he eats his bedding so I started looking for rubber stall mats and I ended up choosing Celicerca’s solution…

Equestrian Trend x Khasper: The Polo Shirt

Are you ready to hear the news?! Okay, here I go…I’ve created the official Equestrian Trend polo shirt and everyone can have it!!

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#ROOTD: Summer Isn’t Over

I’m still in Tilburg where it doesn’t feel like Summer anymore (to me, obviously) but the temperatures in Portugal are incredibly high right now so sharing this Kingsland Summer outfit still makes sense!

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