Gali’s Lunging Program – I’m So Proud

I already knew the importance of lunging but after seeing how much it transformed Gali in such a short period of time, I’m even a bigger fan. Today I share Gali’s lunging with side reins program with you.

See ya, 2019…Hi, new decade!

Looking back into 2019, I could easily say it was a year to forget. However, we also lived some of our best moments together!

#ROOTD: Winter Outfit 101

Things are pretty much the same as I’m still just hand-walking Gali. However, today we started clipping him because next week I should start lunging him.

#ROOTD: Gali’s Recovery

Almost two months have passed by since Gali’s second colic surgery and even though I’ve not ridden a horse since September, I still wear riding clothes…

Best Black Friday Deals for Equestrians

As equestrians, we sure love great deals that make us save a few $$$…So I bet we’re all thinking the same right now: where are the best Black Friday deals?

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#ROOTD: Summer Isn’t Over

I’m still in Tilburg where it doesn’t feel like Summer anymore (to me, obviously) but the temperatures in Portugal are incredibly high right now so sharing this Kingsland Summer outfit still makes sense!

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