5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Equestrian Mental Coach

Today I share 5 lessons I’ve learned from my equestrian mental coach that have helped me become better at overcoming horse show anxiety!

Horse Girl Thoughts

Welcome to my post-summer break thoughts. I talk about everything from loving flatwork to falling in love with a foal. Being a horse girl is complex!

Review: Shavings Fork With Telescopic Shaft by V-Plast

I bought a shavings fork with a telescopic shaft by V-Plast from Divoza Horseworld. I promised I would write a review and, after 4 months, I’ve got some pros and cons to share!

My Equestrian Life

When I wake up early in the morning to go to the stables I never really know what my day there will look like. The only thing I usually know is that I like to go as early as possible because I always end up being there for much longer than what I need.

#ROOTD: Quarantine Routine

We are living strange times as horse owners. Here is my equestrian routine during the lockdown – spoiler alert: it has been wild!

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Showing After Colic Surgery

Showing After Colic Surgery Hey, everyone! Gali and I are back in the show ring after six months of not competing because of his colic surgery. I am so proud of my boy for being such a fighter and for his (more than) amazing comeback.When I started...

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Gali’s New Diet

During the first days, Gali’s diet was confusing but thanks to the vet who’s following him, Horse Remedy and Chia de Gracia’s teams, everything got easier!

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Gali Update

Gali Update Ahhhh, I'm finally laying on the couch after two weeks of exams. It feels so nice to have time again! The first few days after Gali came back were hard for me. I was trying to combine productive study days with waking up...

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Gali Had Colic Surgery…

Gali Had Colic Surgery... Yep...that's right. One of my biggest fears became true two weeks ago. On the second day of our last show of 2018 Gali was not feeling okay and it ended up being a colic that required surgery. I honestly...

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#ROOTD: Pretty in Pink

Hey everyone, how's your week going?? Mine is going well but it's being a bit overwhelming because we're in the last two weeks of classes before Christmas break. My list of things to do only keeps getting bigger and bigger, please send help! 😬I've been dying to show...

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