My Equestrian Life

When I wake up early in the morning to go to the stables I never really know what my day there will look like. The only thing I usually know is that I like to go as early as possible because I always end up being there for much longer than what I need.

Besides taking ages to groom and tack up, it’s completely obvious that half of my time is spent chatting with my friends about horses – it’s ridiculous, we are always together but we always have something new to talk about and we always find new stuff to do!

On the day these photos were taken I (kinda) was in a rush. I had to study for an exam and I’m usually very strict when it comes to my obligations as a student (yes, I’m a nerd although I’m much better than what I used to be). However, after riding and finishing everything with Gali, my trainer and friends convinced me to stay there to paint some training fences. I believe I changed my plans so quickly because of the great weather and the happiness of being with friends for the first time after quarantine ended.

I ended up having the best afternoon. I don’t even know why but I always wanted to paint fences – perhaps because they always look terribly old?! – and the barn managers gave us the freedom to choose the colors we wanted so we got creative. We even attempted to find baby pink paint to create an Equestrian Trend fence but, unfortunately, we couldn’t find any! Maybe next time!

I must say that there is absolutely nothing like the equestrian life to me. There is nothing like being surrounded by horses, barn friends, and good weather. My life wouldn’t be the same without it. Without the feeling of having a good ride, the sound of hooves, the love of my dear Gali… Also, it wouldn’t be the same without my riding outfits that bring out my love for fashion.

To sum up, I’m incredibly grateful for these weekends that make even the hardest weeks worth it! And now, I would love to know: what does your equestrian life look like? How do you live your passion? What do you do when you go to the stables? Let me know in the comments!

T-shirt: KLagda Yellow Narcissus;

Breeches: KLkatja Pull-on Full Grip Green Cilantro;

Socks: KLandre Unisex Coolmax Green Cilantro.