Tack Stores Around The World: Epplejeck Eindhoven

Hey, everyone! I promised you I would share my opinion about Epplejeck’s store in Eindhoven so here we go! First of all, a few years ago I visited one of Divoza’s stores and it was huge so my expectations for Epplejeck were sky high, especially because I love their online store. As soon as we entered the store, my boyfriend – who had only visited our local tack store in Porto before – was amazed by the size of the store, I laughed and told him that Divoza looks larger.

I really enjoyed the vibe of this store though. We were welcomed with a big smile from all the ladies who work there and they let me walk around the store for ages without questioning what I was doing. I also really liked that the new collections were at the front (first thing you see when you enter) and each brand had its own corner. The riding socks were also at the front – they had so many!!!

However, the new collection was only a small part of the store. As I walked further inside, I started seeing their big sale, as well as many accessories, boots, show clothes and horse themed toys for kids – I wish I was younger to buy those school supplies from the photo below!

In the middle of the store there’s a large table with many seats and books that we can read, as well as a coffee/tea machine (free of charge) and some snacks. Needless to say that my boyfriend spent most of the time there…well, mine and all the other boyfriends/husbands!!! HAHAHAHA

After my coffee break, I started exploring the right side of the store which is the “horse” side. They had everything you could possibly imagine: countless rugs and halters, horse boots, saddle pads, supplements, grooming supplies, toys…you name it!

Although the store didn’t have as many things as the website does, it is obviously a great place to visit and it is now on my top 2: Epplejeck and Divoza are my favourite. Be careful though: if you aren’t used to them (I’m definitely  not!!), giant tack stores will make you feel confused after a while. Plus, self control is key because Epplejeck is definitely better than a candy store!!!!

See you on the next post,

Carolina ♥