Hello everyone! Today I bring you a show outfit – how is it possible that I have never posted a show outfit here before?! – that I am so in love with. This year I still didn’t get the chance to go to a show but luckily I will be able to do what I love the most in a near future!
Let’s start with the polo shirt that was kindly sent to me. It is called Effrenoise and it is from Cavaletic, a French eco-friendly brand that shares with us riders, ethic values and promotes a safe and healthy manufacturing method.  
I couldn’t be happier about this polo, besides being made in Portugal (LOVE), it was one of the best surprises ever, the photo on the website – you can check it here – doesn’t make it justice at all so when I tried it for the first time I couldn’t believe how awesome it looked!
This beauty is made from Lyocell, a biodegradable fibre that comes from eucalyptus wood cellulose which makes it incredibly soft and flattering. I had never tried a show polo with this type of sleeves before and honestly, don’t you think they are super cool?! Before moving to another piece, I must say that V on the front is what I love the most. Definitely my current fave!!!
I always like to match my outfits, I tend to keep them classic and discrete but with a little of color and that is why I chose this belt. Despite being discrete, the red adds something more to the look. I don’t know the brand of the belt but I got it at this store.

I had to present to you my new show jacket as well, you might have seen me wearing a same one from GPA in the past but I just bought this one that looks…exactly the same! Why? Because my old one doesn’t fit me anymore and this was only 28€ – it would be a crime if I didn’t take advantage of this deal. Here’s the link to it, there’s only a few left though…

My breeches are from VRT a Portuguese brand that sadly doesn’t exist anymore. My dad bought me these a few years ago and they still look brand new, I wish they were still available…
Last but not least, the boots that people often think that are Parlantis but really aren’t, they are from Pioneer Italy and I have had them for more than 6 years. I didn’t realise they are looking a bit short on my leg until I saw these photos, maybe because I grew up or just because I have used them for so long…I guess I need a new pair but I love these!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit as much as me! As always, let me know your opinion and why not showing me your current favourites?

Thank you, Carolina Fontes for the awesome photos <3

Have a nice week!