Today I want to talk about my helmet. I wear Samshield and I love it!
I’ve always liked this helmet and I think it looks good on everybody! Samshield helmets are elegant and very safe so I think they are the best in terms of the relation beauty/security. In my opinion safe helmets tend to be ugly but these ones…they are unique!
You have many models to choose…You can even create your own Samshield!
Talking about comfort…I’ve never tried anything like this before! 
The price of these helmets, taking into account the quality, is very good! I love that I can wear the same helmet that some of my idols wear!
But…the best part is that these helmets have a liner that you can remove to wash or to replace by another!


My Samshield – Create Your Own
Samshield Liner

I think you shouldn’t buy your helmet without trying it before but if you want to buy one of these helmets you can do that here.