The Tam Tam Vet is a fly repellent from Leovet and I decided to do this review because I’ve been using this product and I think I must recommend it.

I bought  this fly repellent because…
  • I think Leovet is a great brand with very good products.   
  • It was the one with the best relation quantity/price
  • It also was the one with the best package and that made me think that it should be the one with more quality – be careful, that isn’t always the truth!
After using it a few times here’s the pros:
  • It isn’t very expensive – I bought it for 16€.
  • The capacity is good – It has 500ml.
  • This fly repellent is made of natural active substances from geranium oil and eucalyptus-citriodora oil and it has no alcohol or preservatives so it is safe for my horse
  • It really does its job – the flies fly away!
  • The duration is very good – the effect lasts for more or less 3 days
  • The smell is pleasant and remains even after the shower.
  • The hair doesn’t get greasy
  • The spray can be locked – I like it because it won’t leak. 
The cons:
  • If your hands touch the liquid, they will smell like it – even if you wash them.
  • The repellent is so good that everybody steals it – I hate that!

 After analyzing the pros and the cons I think it was a great purchase and I’m really satisfied. I will buy it again!
I think it is the best repellent for my horse and I like it on spray but you can also get it in roll on – Leovet Tam Tam Vet Roll On!

The roll on repellent is cheaper but it only has 100ml so I think it doesn’t replace the spray one.

Buy here.