Hey everyone! Over the past month I have bought some stuff that truly deserves to be featured here. My first splurge of the month was the CHB200 Star cordless clipper by Vivog.

I have waited so much time (years, in fact) to get a clipper but I always thought – and maybe I was wrong – that a good clipper meant that it would be really expensive. I didn’t want to ask my parents for one but Gali was seriously needing to be clipped and I only had two options, paying someone to use their machine on my horse or finally buying one…

I was getting ready to go for the first option when I saw a deal on Horse Store Privé. There were a few clippers from Vivog on sale so I had an “it’s now or never” moment.
It got here in exactly 15 days and the store was constantly sending me emails that always kept me informed about my order, I loved their service. The sticker of the case was detached but besides that everything was great!

The kit includes the machine, two batteries, one 1mm blade, one 3mm blade, a small bottle of oil, one charger, one brush and a screwdriver.
It’s very quiet and big enough to clip an entire body without spending too much time but the batteries last about 1h30 each. There’s something else that I love, we can use blades from other brands on it – we have already tried Heiniger blades and they fit perfectly.
When I placed the order I was a little afraid that I wasn’t buying a good product but it is really, really awesome. Incredible value for money and so far I can only recommend it! 

Gali isn’t an easy horse to clip at all so we didn’t get the best result – look at his head hahaha! However, his body looks pretty good and he has been getting many compliments from everybody, mission accomplished! 😀

Photo credits to Carolina Fontes