A rider can never say no to a new pair of breeches. At the beginning of this season I thought I had to many pairs and that I would have to stop getting more but then I moved to another barn, got a new horse and started riding 3/4 times a week so I soon realized that I needed new breeches instead. I had the opportunity to get the Balance Riding Tights by Noble Outfitters and today I am going to talk about them.

Color: Black

I was a little reluctant about wearing riding tights because I knew they weren’t regular breeches and riders don’t wear them in Portugal but I decided to give them a chance.
The first thing I noticed was that their color on the website is really different from reality, as you can see – that is not a problem for me, I really needed a black pair of breeches.
As usual I chose the smallest size available (XS) and couldn’t be happier about that choice. The tights fit really well, are super comfortable through the legs and although I thought that it would be awkward to wear “breeches” without a front zip, it ended up being one of my favorite things.
Wet sneakers…bah, I hate rain!

The front pocket is such a cool feature, it is both discrete and functional. It won’t look good if you put your phone there but it is great to keep some money or something small!

I can wear the Balance Riding tights when I am not at the barn, they work on a casual outfit like the one I am wearing.
The bottom line is: I recommend these. Comfortable, innovative, stylish and worth the value – a great Christmas suggestion as well.
I would like to thank my super friend Joana for taking these awesome pics! We barely had light and she still managed to do an amazing work! Make sure you visit her page: EagleEyes.