Weirdly, I never shared with you the cleaning soaps and conditioners that I use but I recently started using a new one that you must try!
The BD oil is looking terrible, it got wet at a show! 

I am not very adventurous regarding the cleaning soaps. I have been using the Belvoir Step-1 Cleaner by Carr&Day&Martin ever since I got my first piece of tack. Most Recently – aka more than a year ago – I bought the Bruno Delgrange cleaning kit and I enjoy their cleaning soap too! However, today I am here to review the three tack conditioners that I’m using at the moment (and yes, 3 because they are all very different 😂).

1. Belvoir Tack Conditioner Step-2 by Carr&Day&Martin

And please excuse my dirty nails! 😅

It’s the basic of the basics, everyone (at least in Portugal) owns and uses it or has used it at least once in their life!

The Belvoir conditioner is probably the one that lasts longer and the one that I use the most when I’m in a rush. You don’t need to use a lot of product.
This is the easiest to find and it retails (again, in my country) for around 20€.
I recommend it if you are looking for a basic and practical conditioner but note that you won’t get the most amazing effect.

2. Bruno Delgrange Neat’s Foot Oil

It came on the BD kit but you can get it without the soap. Retails for 20.5€.
I feel that I have to use a lot more product but it doesn’t get sticky whereas the Belvoir does.
Do I love it? Meh, I would survive without it. I think I was expecting something better because it’s from Delgrange but in this case the brand doesn’t mean anything…
Ps.: The same doesn’t apply to their glycerin soap, I love it!

3. Freewax by Freejump

This little one is the motive why I decided to post this review. When I bought my stirrups, Freejump offered me this sample of their leather conditioner and I thought it was nice of them but after smelling it, I thought it was REALLY nice of them. I want to eat it every time I use it, it smells like crème brûlée!
Although having a nice smell doesn’t mean quality, the reality is that it is the best conditioner I have used so far. The leather looks nourished, shiny and I believe it makes my saddle look younger. 😂 However, it’s not as practical as the sprays.
It retails for 9.95€ and I will buy it once this one is over – can’t recommend it enough!
Please note, the fact that this was offered to me doesn’t affect my opinion.

What’s your fave tack conditioner?
See you on the next post!
Carolina 🖤