Last week, I received two perfect charms from My Barn Child!
This brand is very well known among all the girls because their products are very cute and they have lots of sparkle. All of them are the key to make you stand out from everybody!

My Barn Child has fabulous charms, earrings, earphones dustcaps and pet collar charms.


My Barn Child charms are multi-purpose because they can be used to adorn your braid, bridle or boot and all of them come with a lobster clasp.
All the charms are truly beautiful but my favorites are the ones with messages, they make me feel inspired!


The earrings from My Barn Child are a must-have! The best part is that you can match with your horse: he can use a charm on the bridle and you can use the matching earrings – so cute!


The pony dustcaps really make me smile, they are so girly and they let everybody know you love horses!
There are crown dustcaps too…every princess needs a crown, right?!

SBARKLE by My Barn Child:
With the pet charms from My Barn Child your pet will be the most trendy pet in the world!
Unfortunately, my dog and cat are crazy so they can’t wear these cute charms, they would eat them…

I put one of my charms in my mare’s bridle and then I tried in her halter but she is a very scared horse so I couldn’t keep it there. After that, I decided to put it in my boots’ bag and the other in one boot, it looks great! Here is the outcome:

Thank you very much My Barn Child!

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