Hey, equestrian girls!
Today I am here to talk about Marley Lilly, the company that every equestrian girl should know! Why? Because they are the ultimate monogram company – ML sells almost everything you can imagine with your monogram on it – and everybody knows that we equestrians need lots of monograms.

Monogrammed items are so unique, personal and preppy…they are special because they identify you and make you stand out. Plus, horse riding is about looking polished but always in style so monograms will make the difference!

The first (of many, I hope!) item I got from Marley Lilly was this gorgeous gold bracelet that has my monogram engraved on a 7 inch pendant and a tan colored tassel. 

As you may know from my last post, the Winter season has started for me and my first show went pretty well, I was wearing my new Monogrammed Tassel Bracelet so from now on it will be my lucky bracelet!

Here is one of my show outfits, the bracelet totally completes it! Don’t you agree?

The MonogrammedTassel Bracelet by Marley Lilly comes in silver and gold and there are four different monogram styles. You can even choose one color out of more than 15 for your tassel.
This bracelet is the cutest Christmas present for equestrians!