Hey everyone, today I’m here to talk about one of my favorite parts of my trip to Paris! Thanks to MIASUKI I had the chance to be at MIASUKI Riders Club, the best spot at Longines Masters. There I could see the warm up arena, the main arena and basically everything that was going on while spending some time (and trying not to faint) next to my favorite riders.

I also had the opportunity to see their collection, to learn a few things about MIASUKI, as well as the brand’s vision.

I already talked about the brand founded by Mia S. Lei here on the blog, I saw their collection for the first time last year when the brand was launched but only in photos. This time I had a completely different perception of their products, everything is extremely well tailored and the attention to the detail is honestly unbelievable.

MIASUKI only designs clothes for equestrian women because their mission is to empower us, they believe that we must feel comfortable in our bodies so each one of their clothes is conceived taking that in consideration. I have also learned that the fabrics used are really exclusive – I saw one of their show shirts that is made from two different materials and one of those stretches in four different ways. I was even challenged to stretch it as much as I could and was amazed by its resistance.

Overall, the Italian luxury brand believes that it is better to spend a bit more on good quality products that will last us a lifetime and that never go out of fashion. This is why they only present us a single collection at the moment.
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Have a nice weekend!