Hosting this first giveaway was amazing, I loved it and I had so much fun! You are the best readers in the world!
Are you excited to know if you are the lucky winner of one of the 6 MagicBrush sets? I am very excited to announce the winners!
Here are them:

  1. Runa Fälber won one Orange Set;
  2. Sandra Pérez Matute won one Black Set;
  3. Aline Ln won one Black Set;
  4. Roosa Rantanen won one Black Set;
  5. Ella van Blankenstein won one Black Set;
  6. Bethan Nicholson won one Orange Set.
Congratulations, you are the 6 winners! I hope you and your horse enjoy these amazing brushes!
I will e-mail you soon to ask for your adress, don’t forget to see it!

For those who didn’t win, you can get your MagicBrush set here or you can keep up with their Facebook, they regularly offer some sets to their fans! 🙂
MagicBrush has two more sets in addition to the Black and the Orange: The Candy set and the Winter Fun set. I made a little photo shoot with the Candy set, I hope you like it!