In our days, science and technology allow brands to create very innovative tack with big aids to the riding work.

Prestige is one of the most innovative brands as they create tack that is comfortable for both the horse and the rider. The well being of the horse matters to this brand, therefore they are always improving their products.
Prestige’s newest innovation are the Sorrento; Positano; Capri and Amalfi Bridles which have 2 new very relevant aspects that I show below. These bridles won the 1st Prize on the Spoga Horse Innovation Award 2013.




1. Adjustable Noseband

  • Horses’ heads differ from each other both in the size and shape of their bones.
  • The position of the cheek bone may depend on the breeding and gender.
Until now, issues related to different conformations could only be solved by using the various sizes available (pony, cob, full and x-full) but now, with the adjustable noseband, you are able to adjust the width of the uprights of the noseband without changing the size of the bridle. This way, the cheek bone has more freedom due to the displacement of the cheek pieces “inside” the noseband by a quick-release system.

2. Elastic Adjustment of the Bit

  • The bit undergoes interference both from the movement of the rider’s hand and the chewing of the horse.
  • The rider’s hand moves horizontally but the force is discharged on the palate and on the jaw. On the other hand, the chewing grows mainly in the vertical direction, thus discharging most of the pressure of the poll part of the head, from the mouth to the neck.
  • Horses are evolving to more light and sensitive animals. Therefore it is necessary to protect the horse itself while using the bit.
Prestige solved this issues by inserting an elastic part in the area where the bridle is attached to the bit. This allows about 1cm of play before starting to work in a stronger way.