Hey everyone, I am back from my trip to Paris, I was there only for 4 days but it was amazing. If you have been following the blog for a while you may know that going to Salon du Cheval was something that I really wanted to do and this year I had the perfect opportunity to go there.
We arrived at Salon du Cheval around 11 a.m. but there were so many things to do that we couldn’t see everything on that day.
As soon as I passed the main entrance I felt that I was entering a magic horse world where everyone’s passion was the same as mine. I could see lots of competitions and exhibitions and there were so many stands to visit that I could easily get lost.

I have literally spent hours at the stands, looking for all the new products and current equestrian trends (so many brands that I didn’t even know!) – I must say one thing, there are so many great prices that I said I would never get anything for me or Gali in Portugal again and that I would wait an entire year to buy the things there, haha. There are also more expensive things but if you have patience to look for great deals, you will find incredible ones!

I already told everyone that I won’t miss Salon du Cheval next year, it is such an incredible experience! Have you been there? Share your experience with me! 🙂

On the next post I will talk about MIASUKI Riders Club at Longines Masters!