Horse/Human: An Emotional Bond is a beautiful horse photography book by Bob Tabor. Bob has spent many time of his life photographing horses and creating powerful images. This book is just a proof of how great his work with horses is. The acclaimed photographer understands and respects our best friends, while capturing the essential personality of each horse in a manner typically reserved for portrait photography.
Since I thought this would be something that you would enjoy, I have decided to give away one copy of the book.

The giveaway is open to all the readers and you can enter it until June, 25th. Do, at least, one of the steps below to enter the giveaway:

If you want to pick the book yourself, click here to get it on Amazon or here to get it on Indiebound! Honestly, this is not an average equestrian photography book, I have some and most of them can’t even be compared to this one.