The new FEI collection by euro-star is now available! This collection is very sofisticated, confortable, elegant and fashionable. The main colors are purple – color of FEI – and blue. You can find clothes and accessories such as competition jackets; breeches; polos; sweat jackets; fleece jackets; competition shirts; caps and a bag. For me it couldn’t be better as I love this kind of styles!
The most important part is that if you purchase something, you are supporting FEI solidarity – The Fédération Equestre Internationale’s Global Grassroots Development Programme.
Arena Ladies
Ease Full
Ease Knie




Arena Gents

Diversion Full

Diversion Knie SK


Unisex Reinback

Unisex Mill
Unisex Volte


Walk In

Spin Bag

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