Hey everyone, hope everything is great with all of you! Today I am showing you the new Equiline stirrups by Safe Riding.

Photo: Equiline
The Italian brand has recently entered the world of stirrups through Lorenzini but it seems that they are ready to, once again, revolutionize the equestrian industry. Equiline is now the distributor of S1 Safe Riding stirrups.
I must be honest though, when I first saw them on Instagram I didn’t quite love their design – they seemed really big and just an heavier version of the Freejump stirrups but after watching the video below my opinion changed almost immediately.

The 360º arch opening system is really an incredible evolution and certainly provides us more safety – I’ve seen and featured here other stirrups with opening systems but none of them would open like these do.

Photo: Equiline
Another thing that I liked was the comfort they seem to provide with the grip and cushioning systems but without a doubt, what caught my attention was the fact that they are customizable: we can get them and change the outside arch as many times as we wish – and nail every single riding outfit with matching stirrup colors. =)

Uma foto publicada por SAFE RIDING Official (@safe_riding) a

I am looking forward to seeing them at tack stores and to see how efficient they are! What about you guys? Do you agree with me? 
Have a nice week!