This is a very special post for my North American girls! I have got the best news for you, Equiline has designed two new coats that you will love: The «Hayley» Hunter Show Coat and the «Mackenzie» Shadbelly.

♥ «Hayley» Hunter Show Coat

The Hayley coat gives you the perfect look for the Hunter ring or for the Equitation classes. It features three plain buttons, a longer fit and, just like all the other Equiline coats, the trims can be customized. What a must have for the next show season!
♥ «Mackenzie» Shadbelly

This shadbelly is the real proof that sometimes less is more: With the Equiline elegance, the Mackenzy shadbelly has a unique fit provided by the Equiline tailoring.
It features simple buttons amd slightly shorter and wider set tails of a single layer of lined fabric that will make you feel unique. The customization of collar and point trims is available as well.

This might be the first time that such a well known European brand has designed something specifically for their North American customers, who do you girls feel about this?! I am really excited to read your opinions! 🙂
Images provided by Equiline America