If you follow me on the social media, you may know that, a few time ago, Kingsland Equestrian sent me a little package with a gorgeous polo shirt, their Summer catalog and, the best of all, a card signed by Lin Kingsrød, the founder of Kingsland.

Having such a huge company sending me one of their products to review is a privilege, an experience that I won’t forget because it was the first time something like this happened!

This is the Emma Ladies Polo Shirt which is made from special treated EcoTex cotton so this polo is environmentally friendly. I can tell you it is fabulous because yesterday it was a really hot day and I could ride comfortably in it.
Usually, when I buy riding clothes, I tend to choose discrete colours but I really don’t know why – bright colours like red look great!
One of the things I love about Kingsland is the way they design their collections: The clothes are very discrete but they always have that special touch that makes them stand out. In this polo you can confirm what I am saying by looking to the crown because, if you look carefully, you can see that it has some little but beautiful details.
The only thing I would change in this polo is the size because it is a little large for me. It is a S and maybe a XS would look better.
In these last two pictures I am wearing my Emma Ladies polo, my Kelly breeches by Kingsland and – although you can’t see them – my Classic Show socks also by Kingsland.
If you want to get one of this polos, Kingsland doesn’t have them on the webshop but you can find them here.
Enjoy! 🙂