There are great equestrian brands around the world and I love when I find a new one, specially when they have the most amazing products!

This week I found EcoLicious, a brand that believes that grooming products must be exceptionally good at doing their job and must not be harmful to the health of our horses and the enviroment. In my opinion, this is very important because our horses mean everything to us and the enviroment is essential to our survival. We need to take care of both of them!

These grooming products really allow the riders to put their horse’s health and wellbeing in first as they are:
  • Crafted With 100% Natural, Naturally Derived, Organic and Wildcrafted


  • 100% Free of Nasty Chemicals, Silicones & Parabens;
  • 100% GMO Free;
  • 100% Biodegradable & Earth Friendly;
  • Packaged in 100% Recycled Plastic and100% Recyclable.

EcoLicious has lots of product lines: Mane&Tail; Horse Care; Hoof Care; For The Rider; and Ecolicious Minis!

All of their products are very good but these are the bestsellers:

– Squeaky Green & Clean Deep Cleansing and Conditioning Shampoo 32 oz (946 ml)

• Coconut-derived ingredients are tough on dirt,
gentle on skin;

• Moisturizes, soothes, nourishes and restores

natural luminosity and softness to coat;

• Silk Powder helps to prevent coat from bleaching;

• Tea Tree Essential Oil soothes and protects

even the most sensitive skin;

• Delightful scent of Sweet Orange lifts spirits

while conditioning skin – without attracting bugs;

• Coconut Oil nourishes each strand and penetrates
deep into the hair shaft to add shine, soften and

prevent hair dryness and breakage caused

by rubbing;

• Cocktail of Certified Organic Hemp Oil, Coconut,

Apricot, Wheat Germ and Olive Oil – full of vitamins,

antioxidants and essential fatty acids – “feeds” the

moisture starved scalp and tresses and promotes

overall scalp health while helping to stimulate

growth of healthy manes and tails;

• Tea Tree Essential Oil helps to soothe and

moisturize itchy tail when rubbed into the tail base.

• All natural formula made with gentle yet effective

Coconut-derived cleansers and soothing Honeysuckle

Extract to make sure our precious geldings and stud

muffins don’t get irritated down there;

• With added essential oil of Lavender, known for its

calming properties, making the whole experience

more pleasurable.

In addiction to this bestsellers, I must share their Minis Gift Box because it is a great present to one of your equestrian friends!
It contains:
  • Squeaky Green & Clean Conditioning Shampoo Mini 60 ml;
  • Silky Rinse-Out Conditioner Mini 60 ml;
  • De-Stress Intensive Detangling Treatment Mini 60 ml;
  • Moisture Maniac Mane & Tail Detangling Infusion 60ml;
  • Hands On Therapeutic Barn Hand Repair Lotion Full Size 118 ml;

To finish, at the Olympic Games in London 2012, the great Ravel was groomed with EcoLicious. It is great to know that the stars love their horses and want the best for them but they also care about our Earth!
EcoLicious has a new fan, I hope they can bring their products to Europe as soon as possible!