On the next five days we are going to celebrate the first anniversary of Equestrian Trend (August 19) – yes, it has almost been one year since I wrote the first post of this blog!
I have always loved fashion: like many girls, I love fashion magazines, fashion shows and, of course, I love shopping. When I was younger I only care about this kind of fashion but later I started riding and everything changed, jeans became breeches, t-shirts became polos and trainers became riding boots. My love for fashion changed because I started looking for all the equestrian collections, observing the way they create clothing and all the other products and this something that made me really happy. I knew I wanted to share all the clothes, the trends and the new products, I knew I wanted a blog but it took me a while to start it. I didn’t know what I would write, I didn’t know if I could keep a blog like this and, most of all, I didn’t know if you would love to read me. 
Although I love my language, I knew I would have to write in English so that everybody could understand me and that wasn’t really a problem because I have always loved English but it surely took me a while before I started writing this much!
After the first months, Equestrian Trend started growing a lot so I knew I was doing it right. I started getting more and more followers, companies started wanting me to write about them, the number of visits increased each day and I knew this was only the beggining. Then everybody started creating blogs about equestrian fashion and some of them even copied some of my posts. I started getting worried, would everybody think that Equestrian Trend was just another blog?! Today I know you guys don’t think that because you support me and give me lots of love!
There is another thing that is very important to me: My readers are from all over the world, I have readers from countries that I didn’t think I would ever have and that is amazing! Thank you so much!
As I want to thank you for all your love, on the next 5 days I will give away products from some of the companies that were very special on this first year, they trusted me to share their business and that means a lot. There are some companies who also trusted me that won’t be featured on this giveaway – a huge thank you for all of you too!
The giveaway starts tomorrow, I will give you the details on each giveaway post. I am sure you will love everything and make sure you don’t forget to enter all the five giveaways! 🙂