I have found two products on Animal Health Company that really caught my attention. I don’t know if they work or how great they are but my wish list has now 2 more items: NoBruise and RugClean
NoBruise is a spray for tired, bruised muscles and legs. It contains extracts that include Witch Hazel, Arnica and Devil’s Claw which all have widespread soothing and heeling properties. According to the brand, the spray is Phenylbutazone free and will provide superb relief for tired legs.

Rug Clean is a non-biological detergent and can be used not only for rugs but for many other stable items. It could be used on sheets, rugs or even saddle pads. I am really curious to see if it is more effective on stains than the regular detergents I use!

What do you think of these? Have you ever tried them?