Well…they’re never enough, am I right?! 😀

#1 – Grey Horse Candles

Grey Horse Candles are amazing, not only because they have some of our fave scents but also because their design is absolutely beautiful. They’re the perfect gift for your candle addict equestrian!
#2 – Photoshoot With An Equine Photographer

You can’t go wrong with an equine photoshoot, specially when there are so many amazing photographers out there. Here are some of my faves: Sophie Callahan, Diana Wahl, Carolina Fontes, Eileen Schreiner

#3 – My Barn Child “Palm Beach Ponies” Pillow

My Barn Child carries home decor now. I love the entire “Palm Beach Ponies” collection!

#4 – Horsegloss Phone Case

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on something that is horse related, Horsegloss has a cool variety of phone cases.

#5 – Lincoln Xmas Stocking

We all know they deserve it! I really want to get this for Gali but I didn’t find it yet in my country… Anyway, it’s available here!

Merry Christmas!