The indoor show season has officially started for me last weekend! I always like to observe what are the choices of the other riders regarding clothes and horse gear and after last weekend I have selected some items that I consider essential for this really cold season. Plus, some of the items that I chose are awesome Christmas ideas!

Warm Jacket

I believe every rider needs a warm jacket, you may not need it while you are warming up but it is great to wear before and after riding.

Snoopy Jacket by Spooks
Deliah by Cavallo
Regina Ladies Padded Jacket by Kingsland
Jodie Jacket by euro-star
Jabea Jacket by Pikeur
Maja Jacket by Equiline

Cozy Vests

Great to wear on the warm up arenas, if your show jacket doesn’t keep you warm enough, here is the best solution!

Classic Down Vest by Kingsland

Meg Vest by Eurostar

Francis Vest by Spooks

Fenn Vest by Kingsland

Fleece/Show Rug

These rugs are the best thing ever, I love them. If your horse is clipped, you need to get one! Personally, I like to match them with my saddle pads but classic colors look great with almost every saddle pad.
Lately I have been thinking that a simple navy or brown rug with my monogram stamped would look gorgeous, I might have to try this!
Here are some ideas:
Luca Fleece Rug by Equiline

Classic Sports Bicolor Fleece Rug by Eskadron

Classic Show Rug by Kingsland

Dexter Fleece Show Rug by Kingsland

Dog Rugs

Now that I have a new buddy, I have been paying more attention to the dog rugs. Our puppies deserve some fancy clothes to wear at the shows! This season many equestrian companies have created the most high fashion rugs, take a look at some of my favorites:
Dixson Dog Rug by Kingsland

Ripstop Dog Rug by Eskadron
Stripe Polar Fleece Rug by Equi-Thème

Squeaky Green & Clean Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo

I hate when we are at the shows and it is really cold but we need to shower our horses! With this waterless shampoo by EcoLicious all the problems are solved, it is a must have – not only for the shows but for the entire season!

Now it is time for you to share with me what are your top choices for the Winter show season, all the suggestions are great! Have a nice week guys!