Last week, during a study break – oh college… – I was scrolling down through my facebook timeline when I found a post from Rigoleto (find them here) announcing their new product: the Venice stirrups and I immediately knew that I had to share them with you.
These stirrups have a magnetic mechanism positioned on the tread that allows the opening of the stirrup in case of need, making easy the escape of the foot.

The magnet doesn’t allow the mobile part to move during the work, it will only open if a certain weight load is exceeded. The stirrups, made from aluminium billet and fitted with stainless blocked screws, are entirely produced in Italy. 

I am 100% sure I will start saving for these because I believe they would be one of my best investments. A couple years ago I fell from my mare and my foot got stuck in the stirrup, it was terrible – getting the Venice stirrups would be great not only for safety reasons but also because I think they would boost my confidence, sometimes those bad experiences from the past really haunt our mind.
Does any of you own these? Share your experiences with me!