Today the post is about helmets as Aoife requested me to help her finding a new one to replace her GPA Speed Air! I hope I can help you!
We should always wear a helmet but sometimes we choose the wrong ones as they don’t protect us as they were suposed to. Therefore, to find a good helmet we must evaluate their level of safety and don’t just pick the most good-looking one.
In this post I show you the helmets which I think that are the best in safety, aspect and price.
I will put a link to one online tack store where you can find the helmets but I think you must try them before buying one.
1. Samshield Shadowmatt
Samshield has many models available but the Shadowmatt is the most affordable.
This is my helmet and I think it is very confortable, safe and beautiful. I wrote a small review about it that you can read here.
You can get the helmet here.
2. Charles Owen AYR8 
This is the most known helmet from Charles Owen. It is a low profile helmet that features centrally located front and rear ventilation apertures covered in mesh, while the side panels are covered in microfiber suede available in black, brown or navy. Thermoregulation paint for the centre panel is available in gold and silver, along with traditional black and hot pink. It fits very well due to the GRpx® technology.
The AYR8 helmet is available here.

3. Pikeur ProSafe Excellence

The Pikeur helmet that the German stars wear!
«The new riding helmets are EN-1384 – TÜV tested, with rubber-painted ABS outer shell, anatomically formed neck padding, an adjustable chin strap with 4-point fastening and in-moulded edge protection for optimised rigidity at the sides to ensure an optimum level of safety and reliability. These helmets are not only pleasant to wear as a result of the innovative 3-way ventilation system for excellent air circulation, memo-foam and exchangeable, washable inlet made of Coolmax, they are also unique in their design: sporty, with lamella-look, aerodynamic form and flexible peak.»
It seems to be a great option!
Get it here.

4. Uvex Suxxeed Active

This Uvex helmet is made using a special injection moulding technique to make the helmet safer.
It is a very simple and classic helmet that you can find here.
5. Casco Champ
Another very well known helmet by Casco!
Its Monocoque-Ultra-Design offers an ideal material selection for the helmet’s different parts, thus enhancing your security. It is very lightweight and slim shaped – one of my friends wears this helmet and she looks great with it! It also features 10 ventilation openings which are bordered in stainless steel and the Disk-Fit system.
The Champ is available here.
These are the most seen helmets at this moment but the others from these brands are also amazing choices!
They are all safe so you just have to worry about the one you prefer and fits you better! 
Have a great helmet hunting time! 🙂