…to be an awesome equestrian! On the last couple of weeks I have been looking for some things that I would like to buy and I may or may not be seriously thinking about getting some of them really soon. =)

Breeches: Struck Apparel breeches have been under my eye for a while, I want to try them so bad but there’s always the same old issue, I live in Europe and Struck is a Canadian brand. I need to contact them to know more about the shipping cost.
Notebook: It was designed by Darcy White and you can get it on Redbubble. It would definitely inspire me on the next semester.
Stain Master: From Carr&Day&Martin. I need to get this ASAP because my grey horse is always turning yellow. Uh, it’s so hard to keep him white!
Sweater: Sassy merino wool sweater by Miasuki. I love the colors, I love the horse, I love the design. It’s a big YES.
iPhone case: It’s from PinkCaseNY and it’s available on their etsy store. I’ve been looking for a cute case for my new iPhone and this one is perfect – horses and Starbucks, it couldn’t get better.