This weekend we travelled from Porto to Coimbra, my hometown, to compete at my old barn. I can’t describe how happy I feel when I’m there and now that the show is over, I am already missing that magical place. 

Today it was raining a lot and they had to cancel some classes, including mine, so my trainer took the horses home early in the afternoon. However, since I was wearing my show clothes, I thought that I should take advantage of the situation and get some pics before it started pouring again.

Excuse the muddy feet guys 😜
I left this barn in 2015 when I came to college and, undoubtedly, my barn in Porto has given me many friends, new experiences and, most importantly, Gali but everything just feels different in Coimbra and I can’t believe that everyone still remembers me, from my first trainer to the “barn keeper” – can’t remember a better name for his job 😬.
I miss trail rides, trees and birds singing because in Porto, the barn is literally in the middle of the city.
If you’re still reading this blog post after four paragraphs of whining, I love you! I promise the next paragraphs are about my #ROOTD.
Every time I wear these Horse Pilot breeches, I wear the Horse Pilot competition body as well but it’s never on purpose – I like how they look together though! 
I own quite a few show shirts and polos but this one has to be one of my favourites regarding comfort and design. Love, love, love the coral details! As it was a bit chilly, I added a beige v-neck to the outfit.
Since I forgot to bring a jacket and my “barn kicks” from Porto, I had to wear my trusty navy jacket and a pair of really, really old trainers that I had at my mom’s home. 😂
I hope I can come back soon!
Carolina ♡