Last Tuesday I wrote about Halymyres Stables, a peaceful place in Scotland where horses can enjoy huge green fields. As I told you here, I bought some things for Gali at their tack store.
The prices were very appealing so it ended up being a great opportunity to get some things that I would have to get in Portugal…well, I can’t lie, I got two things that I didn’t need that much but you will understand the reason why I got them. 

The first two things I grabbed were the Diamond White shampoo by Wahl – I’ve already tried it. The results are fantastic – and the Gold Label lotion.  The following two things were a headcollar and a lead rope that were a real bargain.

After the essentials, I saw a mane pulling tool called Solocomb. I honestly hate pulling my horse’s mane because I am always afraid it won’t look good so when I saw it I immediately told my dad we needed to bring it with us and I was right, it works great!
The last item I got at Halymyres Stables was a winter rug by Shires Equestrian. Yes, I bought a Winter rug in Scotland! 🙂 Why? Because it costed 30 pounds and it is a million times better than all the rugs I own. I will post a photo of the rug when Gali wears it for the first time.
To finish, at the airport I bought two notebooks from the Pony Print collection by Cath Kidston.