Spooks is a very well known brand that presents cheerful collections appropriate to girls and young women who care about their riding outfits.
I always love to bring my readers the best of the equestrian world and today I am lucky to bring you one of the most waited collections of the year!
For this coming season Spooks created a colorful collection but kept the basic pieces necessary to conjugate many pieces from the collection together. This year the bright colors are a huge trend and Spooks totally knew how to create amazing pieces – the new collection is great to cheer everybody up!
It also is very pratical and allows riders to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.
On the other hand, all the horse gear is very simple and clean: classic colors such as brown and navy and the Spooks logo. Horses don’t need lots of colors to show how fashionable they are!
Ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful Spooks Spring/Summer 2014 Collection!


– Pepper

– Team Shirt

– Mara

Show Shirts:

– Camilla Elegance

– Camilla Sport:
– Kimi
Cardigans & Pullovers:

– Loona
– Loona Pullover

– Carla
– Chalet Cresta
– Francis
– Emilia
– Snoopy
– Snoop Hood

– Honey Hood
– Honey
– Emilia
– Riga
– Senta
– Snoopy
Softsheel, Fleece Jackets & Hoodies:

– Isa
– Pepper
– Pixi
– Tom
Show Jackets:

– Create Your Own
– Classic Show Jacket
– Coral
– Lena
– Luna
– Patch
– Lara

– Vivia Full
– Vivia Knee
– Ricarda Full
– Ricardia Knee

– Likki


– Classic Sox
– Sox Star
– Striped Bracelet
– Bracelet
– Belt
– Pillowcase
Horse Gear:

– Show Rugs
– Dressage Saddle Pad
– Fly Hat
– Schabracke
Limited Edition 2014!

– Matilda Shirt

– Ema Shirt
– Allegra Pullover
– Chloé Hoody
– Awa Hoody

– Awa Jacket

As you can see, the collection has very different styles to fit everybody’s taste and body! You can get it on Spooks’ website.
After writing this post I have many of this articles on my wishlist! 
During next week I will be posting outfits created with this collection, keep up with the blog!
Now, regarding the Spooks team, I must say that they really care about the customers, they have been really nice with me and they were super fast answering my questions. I totally recommend Spooks and Spooks’ online store!
Note: All the images were kindly provided by Spooks. Thank you so much!