Good morning everyone, and welcome back! You know me, when I like something I wear it so many times that I almost forget that I have other clothes. I have been feeling so in love with this Horse Pilot  outfit that every time I pick something to wear at a show I have to include it – thank god I enter 3-day shows, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wear all my show shirts and breeches!

The shirt is what I enjoy the most in this combination and it is easy to tell you my favorite features: it is a body (I have never ridden in one before) and I absolutely adore the coral/red details of it, I think they make the shirt so beautiful and elegant. Although it is a body, this shirt provides a total freedom of movements. The fabric is reallyyy, really thin. I hate competing in clothes that make me feel I am suffocating!!

The breeches are cool as well. Their fabric is soft – surely they’re the softest pair I own – and, just like what I have said about the shirt, it is thin. The bands on the quadriceps, lumbar region and knees give them an edgy look but they actually have an important purpose. According to the brand, they were designed to secure, relieve and tone all the areas in contact with the bands and to enhance our elastic response. I don’t know if the technology really works or if it is just like a placebo effect from all the information I have read but they are just…comfortable!
There is only a thing I don’t particularly like, the fact that they are high waisted on the back and low waisted at the front. I think this doesn’t flatter my body as much as a normal pair of high waist breeches would. This last photo doesn’t look amazing but I still wanted to show you how I look from the back. I am conscious I lost some weight since the last time I wore them and probably that is why they aren’t fitting me that well though.
Lastly, my socks are from Miasuki and I’ve talked about them here. The belt is from Springfield but I bought it years and years ago! 🙂
As you know, I only write about products I LOVE so my overall opinion is that if you are looking for competition gear that will make you feel fresh and that will “increase” your performance, these are worth to take a look at. Let me remind you that these aren’t the most affordable competition clothes but I believe that in this case we are really paying for the quality of the products.