…the story of the most difficult breeches to find on Earth…!
It all started a couple of months ago when I went to Kingsland’s website to check their Spring/Summer 2018 collection. I saw them, it was love at first sight and I dare to say that I never wanted a pair of breeches (or a piece of clothing, in general) so much. Their color, fit and especially the pleated details on the pockets were screaming my name but my size wasn’t available in the color that I wanted – Blue Flint Stone. I then started looking everywhere, tack stores, eBay, amazon and no sight of my much desired breeches, I even asked on my Instagram if someone knew where I could find a pair!! I didn’t get any answers so I kept visiting Kingsland’s shop and other online stores every single day and I almost lost my hope but last week on my lunch break between classes I decided to check it one last time…my size was finally available!! I was going to buy them right away and my phone died, NO!!!! I didn’t have my charger with me so I had to wait until I got home, I was afraid that they would be gone again but, thankfully, they were still there!!!
I ordered them on Wednesday, May 2nd and GLS was supposed to deliver my parcel on Wednesday, May 9th but, again, something had to go wrong and it said on their website that my address was incomplete, I called GLS 5 times but no one answered my calls so I decided that I wasn’t going to wait, I couldn’t lose my breeches again so I drove to the GLS warehouse and after almost two hours (thanks a lot Google Maps for sending me to all those wrong roads!) I finally had them!!! 😂
By now I am sure that you think I am crazy, after all they’re just breeches…well, no, no, no! I would normally agree with you but have you seen the “ruffles” and the pearls?! They are unique and, definitely, the most beautiful pair I currently own!! Besides that, have you seen how flattering they are?? Check the photo below, their fit is amazing for girls like me who have a tiny, tiny waist and  bigger hips!
I rode in them last Wednesday and even without a belt they stayed in place and I felt comfortable. The knee grip also feels very nice (it was my first time trying KL breeches with silicone grip). Consequently, if you enjoy feeling like a princess, I highly recommend you this pair of breeches. They are called Kadi E-Tec Knee Breeches…and by the way, I have just checked the website and my size in this color is sold out again, does this mean that everyone wants them?! 😂
My sneakers are filthy but I promise I am going to wash them after I get home from the barn, I will show you me cleaning them on my Instagram stories later today – I promise!!! 

Just before saying goodbye, I am wearing one of my Equestrianista t-shirts. I believe they don’t sell this one anymore but the brand deserves a big shoutout because I have been wearing their clothes for years and they still look p-e-r-f-e-c-t!!!

Did you enjoy this #ROOTD and my crazy story?
See you on the next post,
Carolina 💕