When I moved to Oporto, I also moved to a new barn. It is located in the heart of the city so I have to catch the bus everytime I want to go there.
The first time I wore riding clothes on the bus I felt that everybody was starring at me and that was really awkward but now I am getting used to it and I don’t mind anymore!
I don’t have my own tack room yet, that means I have to take my boots and helmet with me everytime. Besides my boot bag, I also have to take my purse so it gets really uncomfortable to take all these things with me.
I’ve been thinking in ways to make my life easier. I want to get a backpack where I can take my helmet, my wallet or some clothes, if necessary. I already have one from Noble Outfitters that is great for shows but it is too big to take on the bus – I need something more practical. Maybe I will sell it and then I will get a smaller one, probably the Ardley backpack from Kingsland.

Another thing I would love to get is a new boot bag, mine is also way, way, way bigger than what I need. There are many boot bags available but I will choose one that is great in terms of quality/price. I like this one from Equi-Thème:
I can’t to much about the riding clothes but I love wearing them! Do you have any tips on this subject? I would love to know what is your opinion!