How many of you struggle to keep your show shirts on their place while you are riding? I surely do, so this new riding bodysuit seems great to me and I am very curious to know more details about it!
Grey Riding Bodysuit by Aztec Diamond Equestrian
This is a brand new item that AD has created for the 2015 collection, it caught my attention from the moment I saw it for the first time. As I was crazy busy studying for my finals, I didn’t have time to look for it on their website but today, after my last final, it was one of the first things I did.
Aztec Diamond has a very particular style, from the name to the clothes, everything is special and some of the items are very different from the classic equestrian style we know! The bodysuit is actually one of the simplest items they have but, in my opinion, one the best because of its innovation and cooling/wicking technologies of the fabric.
I would love to see more versions of this riding bodysuit (more colors, new designs, etc.)! The overall aspect of the bodysuit is good, however, I believe the seams would be visible on the breeches and that is an issue to me! I need to see someone wearing this piece to have a clear opinion on it!