About a month ago, I wrote here about HorseLifestyle.Tv, an online streaming service for horse enthusiasts After that, their team gave me the opportunity to try their website. 

I said it was the Neflix for equestrians and it is! For 12,95€ per month you have access to unlimited films and series, unlimited books and magazines and you can watch on your PC, laptop, phone and tablet.

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If you follow me on Instagram (@equestriantrendblog), you may know that last Sunday I spent my night enjoying Horse Lifestyle. I watched «George Morris Masterclass» and «Road to Normandy», two very interesting series for equestrians, don’t you agree? It was very easy to login and to select the series/episodes. I love the «continue watching» feature that gets us back to the moment where we stoped the video. 

HorseLifestyle.Tv isn’t only for equestrians who want to relax though – the bookcase features study books such as «Anatomy of the Horse» and «Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Horse»!

Now that I have some hours of free time, I will continue my series marathon and I hope the classic horse movies get soon to HorseLifestyle.Tv! 🙂

Subscribe here: https://horselifestyle.tv/en/registration