I got my first Harry’s Horse breeches two years ago. I got a pair in beige and other pair in grey. I’ve really liked them so I decided to buy another pair in white.
Today, Harry’s Horse is the most present brand in my breeches closet!

In this review, I’m going to share my personal opinion about them, what I like and what I dislike. I hope I can help you choosing your breeches!

My Harry’s Horse beige breeches (the grey ones are the same model)

My White Harry’s Horse Breeches
Let’s start by the likes:
  • They fit very well;
  • They are very confortable;
  • The colours are very beautiful;
  • The little details make them unique;
  • They aren’t very warm or very cold so I can use them in the summer or winter;
  • Their pockets are big and safe, I can put many things there and I know they won’t fall;
  • The quality of the synthetic leather knee pads is great;
  • I got them two years ago and I wear them every week but they seem new;
  • They are very affordable.
Regarding to what I dislike, I really can’t say anything specific! The only thing I would like to see in Harry’s Horse would be an online store!

I definitely recommend you Harry’s Horse breeches! They are the solution for riders who are looking for practical and economical solutions!

Do you like Harry’s Horse? Do you wear their breeches?