Last week, I knew a luxurious brand that I must share with you! I am talking about Rani Arabella, a brand that makes me think about us, equestrians, because our sport is one of the most classic and stylish sports on Earth, just like their collections!

« Rani Arabella, founded a decade ago, is inspired by a passion for impeccable quality, timeless design and a perfect fit.  The Brand has expanded to offer a complete lifestyle collection handcrafted in Italy using the World’s finest cashmere and luxury fabrics. Each product tells a story of refined style and modern details that captures the essence of understated luxury.  The Collection is only available at the finest boutiques to retain its appeal and uniqueness of a niche brand. »

As you can see on the title of this post, they have an equestrian themed collection and it is beyond gorgeous! It is a luxury cashmere collection made in Italy that features pillows, throws and scarves.
Here are my favorites:

– The Polo Cashmere Wool Scarf

52″ x 52″ cashmere, wool, silk blend.
– The Jockey Cashmere Pillow
16″ x 24″ knitted cashmere and wool with suede corners.

– The Cantering Horse Pillows

 21″ x 21″ knitted cashmere and wool with a suede trim.
– The Cashmere Horse Pillows

24″ x 24″ knitted cashmere and wool with a suede trim.

– The Cantering Horse Throws

50″ x 74″ knitted cashmere blend.
I love so many things from the collection! If I had to pick just one piece, I would choose the first Cantering Horse Throw, I love the color combo and it seems super comfortable! But…if I could pick another, I would choose the third Cashmere Horse Pillow! And maybe if I could pick just another one…OK, let’s face it, I want everything!

Jet Setter Leather Vest
After ten years of producing luxury home décor, Rani Arabella is launching their first ready to wear clothing collection that will be available online this Spring.

At this moment, my desire of going to their flagship store is huge but sadly I am not in New York! If you are, why not going to this wonderful store? It has a beautiful equestrian collection and it is located in one of my favorite cities – it must be good! 

Flagship Store: 1173 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10020