Ogilvy is totally trending, not only in North America but everywhere! I think that is totally fair because since the first day I tried my half pad I knew it was just like everybody described it! It has arrived in March so now I am ready to write about it.

The first hard decision: what colors am I going to choose?! There are so many colors and beautiful combinations that I couldn’t decide which I would like to see on my first Ogilvy!
I knew I wanted a simple combo to match all my saddle pads but I also wanted cute colors…I ended up choosing a greige base, white piping, chocolate binding and chocolate embroidery on the left side.
I have to be honest, before deciding that I would get one, I didn’t knew if it was good enough for the money but after reading everything on their website and all the reviews, I decided to try – and I am glad I did that!
I agree with everything the brand says on the website but here are my favorite features:
  • Anti-slip;
  • V-Shape: special protection for the withers and the back;
  • Superior shock absorption;
  • Distributes pressure;
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal;
  • Improved saddle fit;
  • Quick dry;
  • Made in Canada.
The half pad allows my mare to move better, I can totally see and feel the difference, I wish everybody could have one! Also, I feel that my saddle fits her better than it used to fit, I love that – she needs to be comfortable to give her best!
    The cover is really easy to take off and wash, I have never washed mine but if you need to wash yours follow this steps:
    • Take the cover off;
    • Put in the wash, on cold delicate cycle;
    • Hang to dry;
    • Use Oxiclean to get stains out.
    I had to wait 3 months because I ordered a custom half pad and I live in Europe, I know, 3 months is a lot of time but it was so worth it! I would do everything again!
    If you don’t live in North America and don’t want to wait all that time, search for some of their retail partners and maybe you will find some that are closer to you!
    As Ogilvy has so many color options, I can’t have just this conservative combo! I am already trying to choose the next one! We can order new covers for our half pads and that is amazing because it is cheaper than buying new half pads!
    So…is Ogilvy the best half pad company?! My answer is YES! And many top riders agree with me: Reed Kessler, Kevin Staut, Pénélope Leprevost, the Philippaerts, Nick Skelton (among other riders) only use the best on their horses…and, of course, the best is Ogilvy!
    If you don’t know which is the best color combo for you, go to Ogilvy’s Instagram (@ogilvyequestrian) where they regularly post photos of the half pads and saddle pads their customers have ordered or go to their Twitter (@OgilvyEq) and ask Kristy – the amazing woman behind Ogilvy’s social media – if she can show you some color combinations!

    I hope this post was helpful! If you have questions please comment and I will answer everything! 🙂