I have always liked backpacks like this one from Noble Outfitters, I think they are all very practical but, for me, the Ringside Pack is the best one because it has plenty of room and it is beautiful!
I used my Ringside Pack for the first time last weekend and, for the first time ever, I didn’t have to take more than one backpack for a show, I loved it!
Also, this backpack can be used whenever you want: I used it at a show but I am going to use it everytime I go to the barn!
It has padded and adjustable shoulder straps and a no-slip traction pad on the back of the pack.
It features a helmet compartment with ventilation panels and you can adjust its size. I love this, it is so easy to carry my helmet!
The backpack has stretch pockets for whips or crops with Duraflex quick clip closure – which I love! – and side pockets for gloves, treats or water bottles (as you can see on the picture, I use one of the side pockets for my water bottle.
Now let me show you what is inside of my Ringside Pack:
This is the smallest and safest pocket so I like to keep my wallet here.
This compartment is padded therefore I keep my iPad here but I will also use it for my computer.

You can identify your backpack, this is always important!

This my favourite compartment! It has two smaller pockets where I keep my sunscreen, my belt and many other things. I also use it for my clothes but you can use it for your horses’ tack. Plus, the gold lining makes finding clothing and tack easy. 

The second smallest pocket is where I keep my sunglasses, my contact lenses case, my iPhone and, of course, my tack room keys that won’t disappear again as you can see on the second picture! 🙂
You can personalize your Noble Outfitters Ringside Pack with a free patch. You have over 20 styles to choose from but unfortunately this offer only applies to North America.
Overall, I recommend this product because it is a high quality product and it makes my equestrian life easier. I did some research and I can tell you this is the best backpack in terms of design and funcionality vs. price so if you want one riding backpack, I would tell you to choose this one.
If you like it, you can know more here.