Hey everyone, it seems that this season almost every brand of the horse industry is investing in innovation. I’ve selected some products from different brands that I find very interesting. Regarding fashion, pink is the color of the moment and t-shirts or sweaters with quotes are also one of the biggest hits for this Spring/Summer.

❤︎ Horseware Rugs With Disc Closure System

Horseware is known for their four V-Front closure points but for this season they have changed it to a better design. The brand has created the Disc Closure System which is more flexible and mimics the horse’s shoulder movements, according to Horseware. This is a quick remove system and we can include our name on the disk.

❤︎ Stud Plate by HipHoof

When I go to a show with a grass arena I always stress because of the horseshoe studs, I hate putting them on because it is a time consuming task and I always end up asking my dad to help me. Well, this problem is exactly what made Pia Sternberg create this stud plate. HipHoof was founded in 2013 so technically this isn’t a new product but I had to include it. I think this is super helpful for the outdoor show season.

❤︎ Chevalior Customizable Fleece Rugs

As I have said before, pink is one of the biggest trends of the moment. I had to include the Chevalior Night & Rose fleece rug in this selection. I seems to be so comfortable, right? Uhh, I feel so tempted…but would Gali enjoy a pink rug? I always have this dilemma!
❤︎ TKEQ Equestrian Lifestyle T-Shirts
I love when my #ROOTD’s are fun and these tees from TKEQ are incredible! They are really simple as you can see but perfect to complete a badass riding outfit. My favorites: the “no scope no hope”, “show girl” and “top prospect” tees.
❤︎ Cavalleria Toscana Compression Breeches
Cavalleria Toscana has created the first riding breeches with calf muscle compression. They promise a better blood flow and less muscle fatigue – these would be helpful because sometimes I have cramps while I am riding. Are these the best looking breeches on Earth? Nope…but I can imagine the comfort they provide.
❤︎ Eskadron Fanatics Sweaters
Eskadron has a clothing line now? I didn’t see that coming but it’s true. Its name couldn’t be more accurate, some people are really Eskadron fanatics and I love to see all their sets. =) I am obsessed with the sweater featured on the picture above.
❤︎ Ariat Vortex Boots
These new tall boots feature Ariat’s Nitro technology which provides heel and mid-foot torsional stability. Their Shock Shield technology provides comfort and maximizes shock absorption. Ariat boots haven’t had a special place in my heart until know but these seem to be extremely comfortable – they’re certainly not cheap though.
What do you think of this selection? What are your favorites for the season?
Have a nice week!