My birthday is in 11 days! It’s coming up so quickly! I am not the kind of girl who counts each and every day until her birthday but I always have my very own wish list! I am 100% sure that I won’t receive most of these though!
This list can also help you if your are looking for some gift ideas for equestrian girls like me.
Here are some things that I am hoping for:

– Eskadron Winter 14/15 Collection

Light Nougat Saddle Pad, Size VS
Light Nougat & Ice Blue Fleece Rug, Size M
Light Nougat Bandages, Size Full
I would love to have this set from Eskadron, I think it is gorgeous!

– Regina Ladies Padded Jacket By Kingsland

Regina Padded Jacket
This is one of those items that I know I won’t receive because I bought a Kingsland jacket last Winter buuut this one is really stylish and to die for!
– Charline Breeches By Equiline

I saw these breeches for the first time in Valkenswaard and they are the item that I most want from this list! I love navy, I love sparkles, I love Equiline…I love the Charline breeches!
– Infinite Luck Necklace With Diamonds From Luv Inspired
If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that this necklace has been on my wish list for, at least, 3 months! I love it but I have never seen it on Luv Inspired website!
– Esperado Bandage Pads
Black Bandage Pads

I saw these bandage pads for the first time at Divoza in The Netherlands. I believe their quality is amazing, My girl would adore them!

– Equiline Eva Competition Shirt

Eva Competition Shirt in Sky Blue
I totally love this Equiline show shirt! Everytime I see the shirt I want to buy it!

And this is it, I will receive other things and maybe if I am really lucky I will receive some items from this list – I will show you everything after my birthday! 🙂