One of the reasons I don’t really enjoy the Winter is because there’s always mud on the ground and I am a pro when it comes to getting my boots super dirty (usually it happens 5 minutes after cleaning them hahaha)!!!

I’ve known the brand Mouillère for quite some years now but I’ve only seen them “in person” at the last edition of the Salon du Cheval. After trying them and seeing how they are made, it made sense to bring a pair home with me to test. I was going to choose the black version but then we remembered that you wouldn’t be able to see them on the photos so I put my Barbie mode on and chose the brightest color available – pink!!! 😂
Because they are made of rubber, these overshoes adapt easily to the boots but, boy, it was hard to put them on for the first time! I even thought the size was wrong because I didn’t have any problem doing it in Paris and I simple couldn’t do the same with these… Turns out, everything was okay, I checked the website and the brand had some advice on how to wear them during the first times, duhhh Carolina!!!
After this initial trouble, everything went well with the Mouillères, I don’t even remember I’m wearing them unless someone calls me Pink Panther!

Now I can always go ask my trainer something (he’s always at the arena) without ruining my perfectly clean boots and the reality is that I didn’t always take care of my old ones, I would wear them everywhere without any problem and I want to preserve this new pair a little better as they are, by far, the best pair of boots I’ve ever owned – and, of course, they weren’t that cheap!
One of my fave things about these is that they don’t require any special care, water is more than enough to get the dirt out.

With this being said, these are going to be my boots’ best friends during the muddy season and I am really looking forward to see how long they will last.
Have a nice Tuesday!
Carolina 💕