Last week an amazing gift from MagicBrush came in the mail! I received the MagicBrush Promotion Box with the brushes from the 2013 collection!

MagicBrush is a well known brand which produces EU made brushes that can clean almost everything! In fact, these truly “magic brushes” can be used to clean countless items such as rugs, saddle pads, boots…it is a never ending list! But they also can be used to remove the mud on the feet or the dust on the body, to scrap the sweat, to massage your horse while you are brushing or washing him and to remove the loose hair during change of coat. This is a really multifunctional brush!
Do you want to know another amazing detail? The brushes can be washed in the washing machine so they will always be like new!
The first time I used MagicBrush I was super amazed, the results were much better than everything I expected! After brushing my mare she looked so good, I couldn’t believe!

These are my favorite aspects about the brushes:

  •  I love all the colors of the brushes – the colors make me feel happy and they are hard to loose;
  • Their design fits my hand;
  •  Now, my saddle pads and rugs are always clean;
  • The brushes are hard but super flexible so they remove everything without hurting the sensitive parts of the horse;
  • They are hygienic so they are good to the health of the horse;
  • My horse feels happy when I use MagicBrush because she loves massages;
  • There are many colors available so you can choose the colors that match with you and with your horse;
  • They come in packs of 3 so you can have one to each function or each day you can use a different color matching your riding clothes;

Simply bright!

I want to thank MagicBrush for sending me their amazing product, thank you so much!