Equestrian Trend’s readers know I am a huge fan of MagicBrush. Last year I had the opportunity to review their brushes and MagicBrush gave some sets of brushes to 6 of my lucky readers – they are awesome!

I have been following them on social media and I am very pleased with their three new designs for this year. As I am super girly, the new colors totally catch my eye! Also, they have a new package that is very clean: strait lines and simple colors! Well done!
The three new sets:
  • Lollipop: Vanilla/Mint/Strawberry 
It is so cute, SO cute! It has mint, the color of the new logo of the blog so you can imagine how I like it! The vanilla and the pink totally make me think about candies and how sweet they are…just like our horses!
  • Neon: Neon Green/Neon Pink/Neon Orange

Just one thing to say about this set: Summer! These three colors are one of the biggest trends for this season!
  • Purple: Deep Purple/Pure White/Wild Fuchsia

It totally reminds me of the Autumm. It would be perfect to use these after the first cold rides as it wams my heart!
It’s very hard to choose only one of the new sets, I would love to have all but that is totally impossible! Do you like them? 🙂