Hey everyone! We all know that our sport is extremely expensive and quite often we see something that we really love but can’t afford, at least on the exact moment we see it for the first time. If I really like it, I save to get the item later or I try to buy it on sale. I spend hours and hours online searching for the best prices and at this moment many tack stores, specially the bigger ones, are having sales so I thought it would be cool to share some great deals with you – these are some of the things I liked the most. I wish I could get all of them but I’ll probably just get a new pair of breeches. =)
2. Equit’M Vest – 60% off (I have one, it’s honestly awesome).
3. Kingsland Tika Jacket – 50% off
4. Spooks Waistcoat – 50% off
5. Spooks Vest – 50% off
6. HV Polo Merid Jacket – 50% off 
7. Kingsland Renoir Jacket – 71% off 

1. Montar Ann Breeches – 55% off

Would you like to see some more? 🙂 
Don’t forget to share your best findings with me!