We all know that North Americans are super creative when it comes to equestrian items, they have the hability to imagine and conceive all kinds of equestrian products and most of the times they make it look easy!
This time I bring to you an American company, Horse Teeth Co., and I have two of their products to share with you!

The first product is a book mark for horse lovers:

It’s so original! I have never seen a book mark like this, it is much better than the regular paper ones because of its shape and material and it has a horse…well, I think it is the perfect combo! Now I have to read a lot to keep using this cuteness!
They aren’t on their website yet but if you want one, you can email Horse Teeth Co. (horseteethco@live.com). 

The second item is an awesome decal:

This came in the right moment because now I have my own tack room and I am decorating it with my own things, the decal will look perfect on the window!
I really like the “mud is my make up” quote because, when I’m at the barn, I don’t wear make up…but I do wear mud sometimes! 🙂
Actually, they have lots of decals and color options, you can even create your own! You can see all the decals here.
I am truly loving these items, I want everybody to know how proud I am of being an equestrian and I think my Horse Teeth Co. items let everybody know what I think! Plus, I got a 30% off coupon, I love equestrian coupons! 😉
Also, this company has lots of other products such as clothes, accessories and decor items! These are some of my favorites:
 Make sure you see everything on their uber cute website!
Horse Teeth Co. on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/horseteethco
Horse Teeth Co. on Twitter: http://twitter.com/horseteethco
Horse Teeth Co. on Instagram: http://instagram.com/horseteethco