If you follow me on social media, you may know that last week I travelled to Germany where – of course – I have done some things related to my equestrian addiction.
The first stop of my trip was the wonderful city of Hamburg, here is my post I’ve written:
At the city center there aren’t many horses but that is more than expect in a big city! However, there are many, many, many, sports stores but none of them has equestrian gear (how is that even possible? Horse riding is a major sport in Germany!).
Although I didn’t visit any tack store in Hamburg or any stables, my visit was great and I ended up seeing many things related to horses:
1. Police Horses
I saw two of them. They were huge and looked very well treated – they had a really nice body, a great attitude – I was very impressed with them.
2. Horse Trailers
It is very frequent to see horse trailers while you are walking by the city. In 3 days I have seen more than 4 trailers – that is not very usual here in Portugal.
3. Western Store
On Saturday I have visited the Red Light District of St. Pauli. There you can find the most different styles and I found a cool Western store that had boots, hats, jeans, so as many other things that define this style.
4. Miniatur Wunderland
When you visit Hamburg, you must save some time to visit this museum!!! You will find many countries on a small scale and you’ll get so impressed that you will not want to leave!
My favorite moment was when I started finding stables, horse shows and trailers on this miniature world, here are some photos:

My following stop was Berlin, I have much more interesting things to share with you about that city – including 2 tack stores, stay tuned! 🙂